*NEW LOOK-LARGER JAR* As we age gracefully, our connective tissues become more rigid, making it difficult to accomodate changes in weight, causing weight gain and cellulite. Look no further, Quazy Curves has the perfect remedy to assist in becoming the best version of ourselves. The heating/cooling sensation is designed to address fat in problem areas such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs chin and arms. It penetrates the epedermis, causing a heating/cooling effect. Great for weight loss and improves the appearance of cellulite! Pick Up: Wed-Sun 10-12pm (24 Hours Notice) Keep in mind we’re not a retail store. We see patients during the day and operate by appt only. Instructions are on the invoice once you checkout.  💜 BLANCO IS HEATING AND QUAZY PURP IS COOLING-PLEASE SELECT YOUR CHOICE BEFORE CHECKING OUT NO REFUNDS-EXCHANGE AT OWNERS DISCRETION

Slimming Cream

  • Organic aloe and rosemary detox your skin while enhancing circulation. Repeatedly rub cream onto your skin until fully absored. A warm sensation might occur during the massage process. For less sensation apply smaller amount, rub slowly and apply less pressure. Wearing shape wear garments, healthy diet, proper hydration and regular exercise ensure best results. Enjoy! 

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