With the addition of Quazy Curves Yoni Oil in your daily hygiene practice, you add the power of naturally occurring plant based feminine herbs, oils & minerals to AID THE BODY in NATURALLY restoring vaginal flora balance, also assisting in the healing & PREVENTION of excess bacteria from sweat/workouts, intercourse, yeast etc


Benefits: Sex lubricant during intercourse,increase sexual pleasure Vaginal tightening and vagina red tender Yoni detox and regular menstrual cycle Strengthen vaginal tissues and Moisturize Soothe irritation and Rejuvenation Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory Cure infections and remove odor


Usage: 1-2 drops and gently apply it to vulva or yoni, or use it directly on the panty liner. Or take 1-2 drops and dilute with warm water ,then bathe. 



Yoni Oil

Color: Blush

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