A holistic all NATURAL vaginal insert made with herbal ingredients to aid in womb health and vaginal cleansing. The herbs are absorbed into your body vaginally working to expel contents that may be working against the overall health of the womb and vaginal area.


Lay on your back with your knees to your chest. Take the longest finger you have (middle finger) and use it to push the detox (1) deeply into your vagina. Insert 2nd Yoni Detox Pearl in vagina, keep in for 48-72 hours (2-3 days), wait 24 hours before inserting the last detox pearl. This is recommended for beginners. Some clients like to insert all 3 at once, keep in place for 48-72 hours. You make the decision as everyone body is different. Some are going to purge more than others. By day 3 you will start to see where dead vaginal skin cells, mucus, yeast, old blood clots etc will be relased from the vagina. (wear panty liners during this phase) 



Yoni Pearls (Pack of 3)


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